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UNAPPA’LLED. adj. Not daunted; not impress’d by fear.
If my memory must thus be thrilled
To that strange yoke, which conquered all my senses;
Can thoughts still thinking so rest unappalled? Sidney.
Infernal ghosts
Environ’d thee; some howl’d, some yell’d, some shriek’d;
Some bent at thee their fiery darts; while thou
Sat’st unappall’d in calm and sinless peace. Milton.
As a lion, unappall’d with fear,
Springs on the toils, and rushes on the spear. Dryden.
Does this appear like guilt? When thus serene,
With eyes erect, and visage unappall’d,
Fixt on that awful face, I stand the charge;
Amaz’d, not fearing. Smith’s Phaed. and Hypelitus.