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To VAUNT. v.n.

To VAUNT. v.n.
I. To play the braggart; to talk with ostentation; to make
vain show; to boast.
You say, you are a better soldier;
Let it appear so; make your vaunting true. Shakesp.
The illusions of magick were put down, and their vaunt
ing in wisdom reproved with disgrace. Wisdom xvii. 7.
So spake th’apostate angel, though in pain;
Vaunting aloud, but rack’d with deep despair. Milton.
Pride which prompts a man to vaunt and overvalue what
he is, does incline him to disvalue what he has. Gov. of. Tongue.
2. I scarcely know in what sense Dryden has used this word, un-
less it be miswritten for vaults.
‘Tis he: I feel him now in ev’ry part;
Like a new world he vaunts about my heart. Dryden.