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HYPERBO’LICAL. HYPERBO’LICK. adj. [hyperbolique, French; from hyper-
I. Belonging to the hyperbola; having the nature of an hy-
Cancellated in the middle with squares, with triangles be-
fore, and behind with hyperbolick lines. Grew’s Musaeum.
The horny or pellucid coat of the eye riseth up, as a hil-
lock, above the convexity of the white of the eye, and is of
an hyperbolical or parabolical figure. Ray on the Creation.
2. [From the hyperbole.] Exaggerating or extenuating beyond fact.
It is parabolical, and probably hyperbolical, and therefore not
to be taken in the strict sense. Boyle.

Note: The Sneyd-Gimbel copy (the annotated proof copy from which these entries have been taken) does not contain most of the pages for the letter H.  One leaf is present, commencing with “HYL’ARCHICAL. adj.” and ending with “HYSTE’RICKS. n.s.” Entries for the letter H will be selected from this leaf.